The Play button is the most compelling Call-To-Action on the web

  • Captivate viewers with amazing visuals

    People spend more time on websites with a video on landing page. You have 53% more chance of ranking at top in google.

  • Boost your website' Conversion rates

    Product videos are 40% more effective in encouraging people to make a purchase decision. Videos attract more leads and more conversions.

  • Decrease Bounce rate on your website

    Videos are more attractive for viewers than images or written content. Videos encourage user to spend more time on your website.

  • Get more social shares online

    People share fun and entertaining videos with their friends too and more social shares turn to more traffic on the website.

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Our Approach

  1. Analyzing and Understanding Your Business Model

    We start the project by Analyzing your Existing Marketing Plans and Understanding your business model. We then assess requirements, specify goals, and make a compatible comprehensive plan to achieve them.

  2. Production Planning

    Next, we plan and make a Video strategy where we define target audience, develop the concept, craft the massage and estimate budget for video creation. According to requirements we plan video content with an element of entertainment.

  3. Video Creation

    We begin the video production process after a pre-production planning meeting and try to actuate the ideas discussed in meetings while minimizing risks associated with crew, location, schedule, equipment and other technical requirements.

  4. Editing and Finalizing

    We use tools according to requirements to edit the video as best as can be. In editing we shorten video, cut the unnecessary shots, insert visual effects and text content if required etc. then we finalize the video for presentation.

  5. Marketing and Distribution

    Marketing and distribution planning is done during the initial planning so all we need to do is execute the plan now. We ensure that the video content gets proper exposure from audience and make sure to use the most efficient platforms for marketing.

  6. Analyzing and Calculating ROI

    Finally, we analyze any shortcomings and fix them as well as calculate the accurate ROI as we believe in results that can be seen clearly. We use various tools and matrics for analyzing and calculation ROI.


  1. Video marketing is a form of digital advertising, which primarily focuses on the creation of videos for promotion. More than 60% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service to learn about the product and how to use it.

    This is a great way to engage with your target audience because majority of customers make their purchase decision after watching a video of the product.

  2. More than 70% of traffic online comprises of video traffic. Video content is very easy to share on all social platforms. Engaging content makes for more social shares and increases organic traffic faster than any other method. Video marketing can generate 2 times better conversion for websites as compared to those who does not have a video on their landing page.

  3. The cost varies from one business to another, depending on the objectives set for the video creation. Most important part of the video is storytelling. It should be fun and entertaining for the viewers so don't make long and boring videos.

    You don't necessarily need a production studio and hired talent for your videos but you definitely need fun and entertaining content. You can use your phone camera and viewers would not care about the video quality if they like your content.

    If you don't know what content to use for your videos then we can help you in video content creation and all aspects of video marketing.

  4. More than 55% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service. Visualizing yourself using a product or service before you buy is a powerful Call-to-action.

    When you encourage your viewers to visualize themselves using your product or service, they start creating mental connections with your brand's products/services. This creates desire in them to turn that thought into a reality.

    Video marketing is a very effective aphrodisiac to attract your customers towards your products and services.

  5. There are many ways you can promote your business through Video marketing. Like:
    • Showcase your product collection in video
    • Demonstration videos on how to use the product
    • Customers experience and testimonials videos
    • Achievements stories related to your business etc.

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