Best strategy to get you leads

  • Pay only when you get results

    You only have to pay when someone clicks your search ad so it saves you money rather than paying for an ad which doesn't bring you traffic.

  • Be Seen at the top

    PPC gives your small business a big exposure to win customers. With strategic use of targeted keywords, your ads can appear on the top of search results.

  • Benefit from Targeted Ads

    You can set your ads to target consumers by countries, cities or within a specific distance from your business and get the best results.

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  1. Planning

    We start the project by specifying and defining goals. The goals could be anything from driving more local traffic to your website or improving the quality of visitors. We will make a comprehensive plan to achieve them.

  2. Keyword Research

    We always include keyword based on these elements: (a) Relevance - targeted keywords for a high PPC rate at a low cost per click (b) Far Reaching - the most popular and frequently searched words in your niche as well as Long-tail keywords.

  3. Budget forecasting

    Next step includes Budget forecasting where we estimate the cost required to fulfill company goals. We can prepare a budget which would be flexible and adaptable for any changes as per client convenience.

  4. Ad Creation

    Writing an effective Ad is the most important part of PPC because it will determine the success of your campaign. We create unique and appealing Ad Copies with catchy headlines, accurate keywords and a strong Call to Action.

  5. Tracking & Optimization

    We ensure to optimize your landing pages and to track the success of your campaign as well as tracking your competitor's PPC campaign. We explore the shortcoming in your competitors' campaign so we can boost your campaign better.


  1. PPC also known as Pay Per Click Marketing is a paid form of advertising where you pay for your ad to appear in the top results of search engines or elsewhere on web. You only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad.

    Advertisers bid on keywords to make their ad appear in search results and when someone searches for that keyword your ad appears on top. If it is what the user is looking for they will click on your ad.

    Another way is to feature your ad in a network of partner websites. This way is less targeted but it also has lower pay per click cost.

  2. Some businesses especially small businesses may not have the means to pay for big ads and there is no saying if they will even be seen by someone or not. Instead they use PPC Marketing.

    It is a cost-effective solution for them because they get results for every dollar they spend. They might have to spend $1 whenever someone click on the ad but as PPC brings highly targeted results that means that click might end up into a $100 sale for the business. This is the reason more and more businesses are attracted to PPC Marketing.

    With PPC marketing you can target any market local or global depending on your services. This is why it is desirable to use PPC marketing.

  3. You have many targeting options like:

    1. Devices: People use their phones and desktops for searching and if your service or product is something that can benefit specific users like android users or iOS users or maybe PC users etc. you can target specifically those devices.

    2. Location: You can choose if you want to target local web traffic or global or only the traffic in specific geographical distance from your business.

    3. Niche: you can target your specific niche market in specific industry. Long tail keywords work better for targeting specific customers.

    We can help you with a custom-made strategy so you can also reach us for help regarding your PPC marketing.

  4. PPC is faster and easier than SEO and brings better conversions but when PPC is teamed up with SEO it builds your credibility and brings you more profits than ever.

    When people see your PPC ad at the top results they might ignore it but if they see your website on top in organic results too then they are likely to click on your website because this will build some trust in them.

    So, in conclusion, PPC and SEO work best when you use them together.

  5. Business having High Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), High margins, unique services which are difficult to find or have a massive range of products and services are benefitting from PPC marketing.

    If your business is one of them then you might benefit from PPC but again nowadays people are searching for everything online increasingly every day so there is a good chance that whatever your business is you can still benefit from PPC marketing.

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