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  • Personalize Your Communication

    Personalization makes better results, establish closer relationships with recipients and bring a higher ROI through quality conversions.

  • Get a higher response rate

    Research shows targeted personalized emails are more likely to be opened, get more positive responses more quickly and at a lower cost.

  • See Results Straight Away

    There's no need for guesswork in email marketing because you can track who opened the email, who clicked on your links and who unsubscribed.

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  1. Email Marketing strategy

    We firstly build a marketing strategy for the brand to deliver valuable content to its existing subscribers and build a good relationship with them. Best email strategy is one that can get its subscribers to take desired specific action.

  2. Collecting data and target segment

    We take into consideration specific elements of your target market, collect data, build landing pages to encourage non-subscribers, set up a database and create lists of target groups as well as make efforts to get permission before sending them mails.

  3. Designing the content

    An impersonal email can rub the customers in a wrong way so, we create content for emails that feels personalized to target audience and includes only relevant and useful text, photos, graphics and other visual elements with strong CTA.

  4. Evaluate Results

    We evaluate the results by analyzing rate of undelivered and unopened emails, the number of link clicks, the number of resulted orders and sales or any other responses. We use this data to optimize the campaign accordingly.


  1. Email Marketing is the most widely used method by marketers to send targeted advertising messages in the most effective, cost efficient and fastest way. Among the whole population almost all of them have email accounts.

    Best thing about email marketing is that 90% of email gets delivered to the intended recipient's inbox, which means your message is 45 times more likely to be seen using email than social media.

    Secondly, your email subscribers signed up for your email list voluntarily which means they have explicitly told you that they want to hear from you.

  2. Buying an email list sure does sound like an easy way but the truth is people are most likely to ignore your mails. Wondering why?

    It's because they didn't choose to hear from you or your company. The people from your 'purchased list' did not subscribe to hear from you and your mails will end up in their Spam or end up being deleted.

    Your marketing efforts should be aimed to attract your target customers and not the hoi-polloi who have no interest in your products or services. So, buying an email list is not the right way to go about email marketing.

  3. To grow your subscribers' list, you need to collect data and make efforts to reach your target customers who will be interested in buying from you. You will need to build a database consisting of your past, current, and prospective customers.

    Your strategy should be focused on engaging your audience in what your organization has to offer. In order to grow your subscribers' list, you need to create opportunities for your customers to sign up for your email list.

  4. When you send your subscribers messages they care about, then they will pay attention to it and will feel more connected to your brand. The people engaging with your emails are going to be most valuable and loyal for your business.

    An impersonal automated mail does not have the same impact as a carefully crafted personal email. Emails that refer to the customer by name in the starting of mail are more likely to get responses because it goes to show a better customer experience.

  5. Deciding what to include in your message is a big challenge. You need to give proper care to the email format here. Keep your message focused and clear. Don't confuse your customers and don't overwhelm them with too much information.

    You can start by an introduction, then body of the message, and a call-to-action at the end. Your message should answer the questions or problems that your customers are facing.

    Make sure to write the message keeping in mind the interests of your readers. The more targeted and relevant the content is in your email campaign, the higher would be your ROI.

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