9 Things you should keep in mind while doing SEO in 2019

Every Business wants to rank high and show up on the first page of Google’s Search results, but it’s not easy.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed a lot over the years and so have the techniques of doing SEO.


SEO is becoming harder and harder every day and old ways of doing SEO are not working like before.


So, what should you do?


Well, it’s time for you to update your SEO Techniques.


You have to update the way you’ve been doing SEO.


But, how are you going to do it?


No need to worry. If it helps, here is a list of the 9 things you should keep in mind while doing SEO.


1. Understand Your Audience’s Search Intent

What’s the key for best marketing strategy? – Knowing your audience, of course. But, how do you get to know them?

The answer is – Research.

 Never. Skip. Market. Research.

The key to getting to know them better is to understand their Search Intent, and for that you need to collect data.

Search intent, in simple words, is the intention with which the people are searching online.

Search intent could be of following types:


Its when someone searches “the latest iPhone launched by Apple”, the google search will show results related to the ‘latest news and new mobile phones by apple’, the search intent of the searcher here is to look for information.


it’s like when someone searches ‘‘Gmail Login’’ or “Facebook Login” in google, their intent is clearly to go to these particular Gmail and Facebook accounts, so google will show results related to ‘Facebook and Login’ and ‘Log into Facebook’ and ‘Facebook Login or Sign Up’ etc.


It’s when someone searches “Price of HP laptop”, here the intention of searcher could be to buy the laptop or price comparison, so google will show results related to different prices of different HP laptop models

You can target people by using keywords focused on their search intent.

For this, You have to think like the audience that you are targeting.

You have to ask yourself:   What is your target audience looking for?

Is your audience searching for text answers, Images, Videos or Audio?

The Take away: When you know what your audience expect to see, you can personalize your content and plan your strategy accordingly to get the best results.

Smart SEO campaigns are built on an understanding of how your audience searches around your industry, products, and services.

2. Be seen

As we all know, almost all the searches start with search engines so it’s the best place to reach your audience.

But, it is also true that there are millions of others who are also trying to do the same.

So, what could make you distinctive?

What could make you Be Seen?

Being seen means that you should come into the view of your audience wherever they are looking for you. Only showing on Top in Google is not enough anymore.

Let’s say you own a Chinese restaurant. Your restaurant shows up in top results of Chinese restaurants in your area but still, you are not getting as many reservations as compared to your competitors – who rank on a below position.


Because people are using Apps for ordering online and you forgot to consider that into account.

The point is, You need to show on Top where your customers are looking for you.

You need to find out, where do people search for Chinese restaurants in their area?

Now in the above case, they look for a Chinese restaurant app in the app store. So, what you need to do is, you have to direct your SEO efforts into ranking first in the app store for ‘Best Local Chinese Restaurants’ or in other words App Store Optimization.

There are other different platforms for optimization that you can use for optimizing your online visibility, such as:

-> App store Optimization

-> Video Optimization

-> Social Media Optimization etc.

The Take away: You need to expand your optimization efforts beyond the Search engines

3. Get SEO Friendly website

More than half of the websites on internet lack something very important:  They are not SEO Friendly.

Having a business website that is not SEO Friendly puts you at a disadvantage because it makes it difficult and time consuming for Google’s crawler to index your pages.

Also, the number of Websites has increased greatly in the past few years and it has increased website structure complexity too.

You need to have SEO Friendly website design and Structured data in your website so, google crawler will be able to index your pages properly.

Before you start searching,web crawlers gather information from across hundreds of billions of webpages, and organize it in the Search index.

To make sure that your website is SEO Friendly, Keep in mind following SEO basics:-

-> Optimize your website Titles and Meta Descriptions

-> Optimize header Tags, e.g. H1, H2, H3, etc.

-> Make sure you have a search friendly URL. Remember, URLs are case sensitive.

-> Interlink your content

-> Try to create content focusing on particular search intent

-> Enhance your online visibility with optimized website landing pages.

The main take away, Don’t forget to check whether your website is SEO friendly or does it need to be optimized.

4. Only post Quality Content

Writing content that has been written by others thousands of times already will not bring you quality results.

It is very important to create original content because google penalize the duplicators who have an intent of deception. Even if some of your content is originally someone else’s original content, you need to cite them to save yourself from getting a penalty.

If should consider following for creating good content:

-> Create Content for People

-> Write content that interacts with people. Write in the language that people understand easily.

-> Always do a Good Keyword Research

-> Don’t just focus on the length of content. Create content that actually has some value for people.

-> Spend some extra half an hour to make sure your content is well written. People like it when content has a nice and smooth flow.

-> Last but not least, try to create fresh content. Try to create an awesome search experience.

-> Personalize your content. Create content that emotionally moves and Motivate people.

Personalization is leading to positive ROI. 3 in 4 Companies Report ROI From Personalization.

Google has improved its algorithm so that exceptional and high-quality content will rank on top in the search.

The Take Away: Quality content is rewarded with a high ranking in google and brings quality conversions.

5. Become an E.A.T Follower

Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness or E.A.T. is the standard of evaluation that ranks the websites on google. It focuses on three things:

-> Do you have Expertise in the field that you are talking about?

-> Do you have proof e.g. certifications or accomplishments in the field etc.to show your Authoritativeness?

-> Your Trustworthiness depends on: Do people trust your advice? Is the validation information available for your site and Do you have citations from people?

According to the Page quality Rating Guidelines of E.A.T. the websites that provide High quality and Exceptional Content get a high E.A.T. evaluation score and will rank on Top in Google search results.

On the other hand, websites with Low quality pages and no proof of credibility or no information of the one who created the content will adversely affect your E.A.T. Score and will hurt your Ranking in the google search results.

The Take away: To rank better on google in 2019 make sure you follow the google E.A.T. Guidelines.

6. Focus on Technical SEO

Only using Keywords in not enough nowadays to rank high in search engines. Search engines like Google are very advanced now and they take into consideration factors other than Keywords too.

For example, Google ranks the sites also based on user friendliness, better user experience, responsiveness, load time and bounce rate etc.

In 2019, You also need to focus on Technical SEO aspects such as:

Loading Speed:

Websites with slow speed and more loading time can frustrate visitors and cause them to leave the website increasing the bounce rate. If the bounce rate is high then keywords will no be able to save you from sliding down the Google search results ranking ladder. Websites that load faster and provide good user experience rank Higher in Google.

App-like experience:

Most of the mobile users spend their most time on Apps. In order to survive in the SEO Race, your website needs web-app capabilities of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to provide your users an app like experience.

Technical compatibility:

Using the search engine compatible technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP etc. will also help you rank high in google. Updating your website according to technical advancements would save your website from becoming obsolete.

Mobile Friendly:

Majority of people never go anywhere without their phones and use their phones for browsing most. This is why you should have a responsive, Mobile Friendly website. This will help you appear in top results on google during mobile search engines.

7. Voice search Optimization

Voice search has been around for a long time but it has started to become more popular recently.

Voice search optimization would bring new SEO opportunities in 2019 as believed by experts, Voice Search could be The Next Big Shift.

Studies suggest 50 percent of all searches will be voice-based by 2020

New avenues bring new ‘content needs’ with them.

If your content is optimized in a manner that answers the questions that people asking online, then it would definitely help you climb to the top of voice search results.

Another important aspect of Voice search optimization is the page loading time. Voice search brings the websites that load faster first in the search results so if your website is slow to load, it would not be in your favor. Fast loading website is essential for voice search optimization.

8. Optimize for Featured Snippets

Optimizing for featured snippets is a great way to get ahead of others in SEO and Voice search Optimization.

This way you can personalize your content to drive more engagement to your brand.

Following is an Example of a featured snippet:

You can optimize your content as a featured snippet and reach your target audience in a more efficient way because they attract user’s attention by standing out from all the other results.

Featured snippets has different types like for example, the above snippet is a Number list snippet. There are other types too like:

YouTube snippets

Bullet List snippet

Paragraph Snippet

Table Snippet

9. SEO Audit and Analyze Web Analytics

Google changes its algorithm hundreds of time throughout the year and therefore you also need to stay updated.

Keep an eye on the analytics of your website and remove anything that is slowing your website or not bringing you results.

The deletion of low-value pages should be part of your overall SEO audit and undertaken with a structured plan for business improvements. After the removal of the low-value content, every remaining page should have defined business goals: conversion, branding, support, traffic acquisition, etc.

Try different strategies and observe what works and what does not work for your website through analytics.

Voice search Optimization, Video search Optimization, Mobile user experience optimization, blockchain, AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology are the trends that will flourish in 2019 so it is important to observe your web analytics to know which of these are best for your online business.


In Conclusion, You should utilize Market research to understand what your target audience is looking for and where are they looking for it.

Provide your audience unique, personalized and high-quality content that answers their questions as well as follows E.A.T Guidelines.

You should also take into consideration Technical SEO aspects like – Page speed, loading time, mobile friendliness etc.

Don’t forget to make sure your website is optimized for voice search queries and featured snippets. So that, wherever your customers are looking for you, they will find you.

Also, keep an eye on Your Web analytics. Keep improving your website by doing SEO Audit regularly.

I hope you find this article helpful! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t hesitate to share your valuable insights with us.

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